Monday, April 2, 2012

The First Few Events For Seattle Beer Week 2012 Are Up

April has only just begun, but the official website for Seattle Beer Week ( has started listing the first few events that we'll be seeing for this year's Seattle Beer Week. 
Last year's Seattle Beer Week had nearly 200 different events spread over 11 days, with so much going on it was virtually impossible to hit every single event.  The events listed so for for Seattle Beer Week 2012 include:

Day 2 - Friday, May 11th:

All Day - 'Back In Black' at Brouwer's Cafe (400 N 35th St., Seattle WA). This event has been billed as "A night of the biggest of the big, and the blackest of the black Stouts from around the way." 

Day 3 - Saturday, May 12th:

All Day - Tour De Pints at various locations.  This will be a cycling pub crawl around the city.  Follow Seattle Beer Week and Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery for upcoming details on this event. 


3rd Annual Pig Roast at Quinn's (1001 E Pike St., Seattle, WA).  This year they'll be doubling the amount of pork served at the first two annual pig roasts.  There'll be live music and various activities.  One ticket gets you beer and all the pig you can eat!  More details will be forthcoming.  For reservations, please contact Quinn's at 206-325-7711. 


Colorado Brewer's Night at Naked City Brewery & Taphouse (8564 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, WA). A celebration of some of the best beers of of Colorado.  More details will be coming soon. 

Day 4- Sunday, May 13th:

All Day - Mai-Bock Your Mom's Bock at Prost Phinney (7311 Greenwood Ave. N, Seattle, WA). Prost Phinney is one of Seattle's few Bavarian-styled taverns.  "A colorful mural of the Oktoberfest girl watches over the scene as thirty-something Greenwoodians decide between Dinkel Acker Dunkel or Spaten Optimator. Haven't a clue? Owner Chris Navarra can fill you in on German beer facts."  More details on this event to come.  Prost!

Day 5 - Monday, May 14th:

All Day - Mai-Bock Your Bock at Prost West Seattle (3407 California Ave. SW, Seattle, WA).  More Bock from owner Chris Navarra at Prost's West Seattle location.  More details to come. 


Big Sky Bull Riding at Brouwer's Cafe (400 N 35th St., Seattle, WA).  A mechanical bull inside of Brouwer's Cafe?  That's right!  Oh the madness!  More details to come! 

Day 6 - Tuesday, May 15th:

All Day - Mai-Bock Your Bock at Feierabend (422 Yale Ave. N, Seattle, WA).  Another German beer themed event at Feierabend. "Feierabend prides itself on having the largest selection of imported German biers on the West Coast."  More details to come. 


Mai-Bock Brewer's Dinner at Feierabend (422 Yale Ave. N, Seattle, WA).  Keep an eye on Feierabend's website for upcoming details on this event.  

Northwest Women In Beer at Pike Brewing Co. (1415 1st Ave., Seattle, WA).  Get your minds out of the gutter!  This ain't no beer wet T-Shirt contest!  This is an event to celebrate women in the Northwest who are involved in the Craft Beer industry.  More details to come. 


3rd Annual Trappist Dinner at Quinn's (1001 E Pike St., Seattle, WA).  Chef Jeremy Ravetz is putting together this 3rd annual event, where you'll enjoy Six Courses and beers from Six Trappist houses.  For tickets to this event, please contact Quinn's at 206-325-7711.


Beer & Burger Battle at Brouwer's Cafe (400 N 35th St., Seattle, WA).  5 World Class breweries and 5 World Class Beers battle to the death!  "In the end, there can be only one!"  Let the battle begin. 

Day 7 - Wednesday, May 16th:

All Day - Mai-Bock Your Bock at die Bierstube (6106 Roosevelt Way NE, Seattle, WA).  Another German style themed event at Chris Navarra's second German style tavern in Seattle.  More details to come. 


Score on Skip at American Brewing Company (180 W Dayton St., Warehouse 102, Edmonds, WA).  Are you a hockey fan?  Well Skip Madsen is. He'll be suiting up in his goalie uniform and for a fee you can take three shots for prizes.  Can you score on Skip? 

Paxton Firestone Dinner at Brouwer's Cafe (400 N 35th St., Seattle WA).  This will be a 8-course, 12-beer dinner from renowned 'Homebrew Chef' Sean Paxton with beers from Firestone Walker Brewing Company (one of my favorites).  Tickets for this event are not yet on sale, but follow Brouwer's Cafe for details and when tickets will be going on sale.  For a look at last year's amazing Paxton Firestone dinner, click HERE

Day 8 - Thursday, May 17th:

All Day - Sour Fest at Brouwer's Cafe (400 N 35th St., Seattle, WA).  Brouwer's Cafe's annual Sour Beer Festival.  If you're a fan of sour beers, don't miss this one! 


Ft. George Brewer's Night at Barking Dog Alehouse (705 NW 70th St., Seattle, WA).  Come and enjoy beers from Ft. George Brewing and stick around for a raffle and prizes. 

Everyday Events:

Beer 'O-Clock at Quinn's (1001 E Pike St., Seattle, WA).  Quinn's entire beer list will be half price during Seattle Beer Week!  Click HERE for more details. 

Keep checking back here for more events and more details as they are added and the kickoff of Seattle Beer Week 2012 on May 10th grows ever closer! 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there.

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