Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Beer Monger World Beer Tour Project

To quote a great man: "I have a dream!"  I bet most of you out there do as well; if not several.  Well, one of my dreams involves traveling the World.  My wife and I Love to travel, and want to see as much of this World as we can during our time here on Earth. 

I want to see it ALL!

Since we also Love good beer, however, why not combine the two Loves and try to find a way to tour the World in a quest to visit every production brewery in the World?  This, my dear friends, is the Beer Monger World Beer Tour Project. 

At the moment the project just a dream; my dream.  But I'm going to do the legwork and lay the groundwork for what I'm hoping will eventually become an either television or web-based show/series focusing on my Love of good beer and my travels around the World in the quest to try every beer the World has to offer. 

It would probably be best to focus on just one continent at a time so the show could focus on specific beer styles and the regions the originate from.  I mean, I don't want to be visiting a brewery in California one day and try to be visiting a brewery in Hawaii the next.  Oh wait; bad example.  ;)  lol   But you get the idea.  It would probably be best as well, at least financially, to start off with the show in America.  It could be something as simple as taking a motor home across the USA, stopping at every brewery. 

The World's First Beer Recipe?  Who knows.

Next up I'd have to say Europe; where it all began.  OK, OK, there are theories that brewing actually started in Africa, and I'd want to get into that debate somewhere within the show.  After Europe, we'd proceed to Africa, South America, Asia and... are there any breweries in Antarctica yet? 

As a preliminary 'warm up', and so I can get the feel of doing it, I may start bringing a video camera with me each time I visit a new brewery locally, as I often do, so I can make a little10-15 minute 'show' out of each visit.  I'd try to setup tours and possibly even interviews before my visit with the brewer and/or other staff.  It will also help me hone my woefully out of practice video editing skills. 

My current equipment (I guess I need a sponsor!)

If I can manage to pull this thing together, in the future you may see a PayPal donation link here on my blog as a way to help me start building funds to get the show off the ground.  Subscribers to the show would get to live vicariously though my wife & I, as we travel the World, and explore every nook and cranny of the brewing World. 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there. 

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  1. I am in, but I am your wife, so I have to be in...Now that would be a wonderful adventure that I am so up for. I hope our dreams become a reality. You only live once, so dream it big, and make your dreams come true.