Monday, July 11, 2011

AHA Rally At Pike Brewing

Me with Charlie Papazian

Last night (7/10/2011), I attended an American Homebrewer's Association (AHA) Rally at Pike Brewing Company in Seattle, WA.  AHA Rallies are hosted by members of the Brewers Association (seperate from but related to the AHA - for samll, independent craft breweries rather than homebrewers), and are a great perk for members of the AHA.

Brewery owners and brewers are typically on hand at these AHA Meber's Only events to answer questions, give brewery tours, pour free beer samples, etc. etc.  It's a great way to meet fellow homebrewers and beer enthusiasts, get more into the local beer scene and to meet some special people.  I'd like to shout out a big thanks to Pike Brewing for hosting this event. 

The Pike Brewery (the part that the general public doesn't get to see)

On hand for last night's rally were:
Charles & Rose Ann Finkel - Owners of Pike Brewing Company, who hosted the event
Kathryn Porter Drapeau - AHA Membership Cooordinator
Dean Mochizuki - Pike Brewing's Head Brewer
And last but not least: Charlie Papazian - Founder of the AHA

I had a great time meeting a few friends and making a few new ones.  I also got a chance to meet Charlie Papazian.  I already know Charles Finkel and Dean Mochizuki.  Kathryn had her hands full with member relations, as many new AHA members signed up in order to attend this event. 

Here is a 9-10 minute video of Charles Finkel welcoming everyone and introducing Charlie Papazian:

(If the video link above is not working - click HERE to see the video - you may have to 'Like' my Beer Monger page on Facebook.)

I'll have to keep my ears open for when the next local AHA rally will be.  It was a lot of fun; and the only way to attend is to be an AHA member! 

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there. 

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