Monday, May 16, 2011

The Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery Meet & Greet Was A Great Success

This past Saturday, May 14, was the official Meet & Greet for the founding members of the Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery.  The event was held at The Stables, a great rentable space in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle.  The Meet & Greet was the initial opportunity for the founding member/owners of Seattle's first Cooperative Brewery to meet one another, hear about the vision and direction for the Brewery from the Coop President, and to start getting to know each other and kicking around ideas of what they each want Flying Bike to be. 

When the space for the Meet & Greet was originally booked, Flying Bike was expecting maybe 100 people to be present; perhaps 125.  After all, the membership drive had just begun and was supposed to generate 300 members by the end of June.  Little did everyone know that the 300 member mark would be passed in a mere 5 days.  In fact, by the end of this event, there were a total of 374 Flying Bike mebers, including a few guests of members who showed up for the Meet &Greet and purchased their membership.  As a result, the Meet & Greet event had to be broken up into three different sessions (due to occupancy limits). 

Derek & Drew's IPA Showdown

At each of the three Meet & Greet sessions, members had a chance to pickup their 'Founding Member' pint glass and T-Shirt, sample some beers made by some of the Flying Bike board members, have a little food and hear a welcome and vision speech from Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery President, Jeff Hicks. 

Anyone interested in viewing the member welcome and vision for Flying Bike speech Mr. Hicks gave at the first session of the Meet & Greet can see it HERE on Youtube. 

Attendees of the first two sessions of the Meet & Greet also had the opportunity to vote on an 'IPA Showdown' between Flying Bike Board Members Derek Drennan and Drew Wilson.  Each had an IPA on tap to sample, and membes were encouraged to try both IPA's, decide which they liked best and vote for the winner.  I'm not sure which IPA won but both were pretty tasty.  In fact, demand for both IPAs was high enough that the third session of the Meet & Greet didn't have the opportunity to judge these two IPAs.  They were all gone! 

There are still plenty of steps Flying Bike has to take before they're ready to open their doors to the public.  The actual brewery itself is still in the planning stages, and a location has yet to be selected.  Now, it's up to the drive and determination of the board members and all 374 member/owners of Flying Bike Cooperative Brewery to keep on peddaling and see that this thing gets off the ground.
(See more photos from this event HERE.)

Drink responsibly and stay safe out there. 

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